Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I woke up this morning, much too tired to function- too many things on my mind seemed to prevent the ability to really relax last night and sleep. Not just close my eyes, but indeed rest. There are people I love in pain, and enduring great difficulties, that always weighs heavily on me. These are the times I find it easiest to be discouraged, to be sad... yet- today, for whatever reason, I feel INSPIRED!

I feel like change is in the wind, that there are great possibilities everywhere and I am merely to notice them to take advantage of them. I suppose they are always there, but today in my foggy state, I have to say I feel pretty blessed to have noticed. It's there! I am telling you... whatever you want to do, whatever you want to be- I know it is there for you- here's the trick- YOU have to NOTICE- YOU have to RISK- YOU have to DARE to be whatever you were meant to be. Find inspiration from everything around you- even it if it is "woah.... I don't EVER want to be THERE!"

In the darkest times, the light is the brightest- I promise you it's true. So if it is dark right now, where you are? Seek the light- you might have to put on sunglasses- but it IS there! Seek the light, follow the dream and make it happen.
Don’t just be.... Be INSPIRED!