Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just jump!

Well, I cannot say I have exactly been the world traveler this summer. I love to travel, but it wasn't in the cards for a variety of reasons. The last few weeks however, I have been to the wonder known as Niagara Falls twice. Go figure! Now, before you get excited, I live a mere 90 miles from the lovely Rainbow Boulevard in Niagara Falls, New York. The trip is quite doable, just to pop up to see the colors on the falls, and be deafened by the power of the water.

During those trips... I have learned some significant lessons. One of which is to upload your precious photos and NOT mess with the settings on your digital camera while taking more photos. I lost a mere 1100 photos to that process. That lesson was painful. Very painful! I don't think many of the replacement photos were all that wonderful, but I sure do appreciate a successful photo now. (I am learning to place them on my hard drive as soon as possible. )

The other lesson I learned... is that life is in the moment. Which is NOT to say... do not think about the future, but it is to say, appreciate the here and now. Taste every flavor available to you right this very moment.

So... that said. I am in exploratory mode. It's amazing. My camera has become my best friend... my vision has increased ten fold since exploring with my camera. I see things differently through the lens. All the lessons I have learned about life, about art, about photography are all coming together. I breathe... think and see imagery in a totally different way. It's wonderful, passionate. I am blessed.

The theme of this blog is about breathing... about doing. I have to tell you that listening to the power of that water flying at incredible speeds is exhilarating.... it reminds me of how much power is in something so simple. So... i believe it is time, to get moving... to breathe, to flow like Niagara falls... good luck.