Sunday, June 5, 2011


Life-what an interesting journey. You just never know do you? You never know what curve balls might come your way, what blessings or challenges will find you.

This year, I turn fifty and I am very well aware that regardless of the plans I MAKE, God seems to have His own ideas. I rarely understand the path, but these days I do my best to accept it. Sometimes it takes years for me to really understand “the plan”, but eventually things become downright crystal clear. So I proceed, sans the road map and trust that it will all come together.

Recently, I have begun work on a new project. It started out slow. Yet the pieces seemed to fit, but I wanted more. Before I knew it, I realized that the concept I began with merely marked the first phase of “the big plan”. Before I knew it there were multiple phases. There was a plan, a way to get to the ultimate goal and guess what? It all made sense. Scary… ME? Linear? Me? A planner? Get out of here! Guess what? There is even a business plan!

I am energized. It’s not just a new idea; it is the culmination of so much of my life experience. It pieces together so much of my life’s work and creates one viable honorable step forward in my life. I suddenly understand so much more of my life and why I have experienced the various avenues I have. This…will not be a job- it will be my vocation. It will allow me to offer the best of what I am, what I am yet to become and touch the very foundation of my dreams as well as my convictions.

If I could share any message with you- it is to seek your path, but to be patient and listen. Sometimes it takes some time to get the message right, but when it happens; it is a calm and peaceful infusion of wonder into your very core. I wish for you that you find where you are meant to be, that you follow your journey, as scary as it can be at times, and you find the courage to make your own dreams come true.

I look forward to sharing mine with you soon.