Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Treasure this moment, be here now

Okay.... so clearly I have been remiss in my blogging. The winter of my mind (and world) began too early and then kidnapped what should have been a joyful spring. In the last week or so, the ice seemed to melt away. The hope of the Easter sunrise warmed my senses and awakened my goals. So, if you have been patient with me, I have returned- and commit to writing and growing along with you. I thank you and am grateful for your patience.

Today is a new day (rain and all!) I am here, I am present, I celebrate this moment.

I think so often in life we set our goals for something far off in the future. We want a larger house, a better job, an amazing trip, a fancy car, a------------- fill in the blank. What about what we DO have? We - (and right now I am speaking of me, but somehow suspect there might be another soul or two that share my journey)- have homes, cars, stuff.... but do we appreciate what we have?

As I look out the window, it is raining, again... for what feels like the four millionth day in a row. So I ask myself... what am I grateful for? I am grateful that I have a home, to protect me from the rain, that allows me as well as my family shelter from the weather. I am grateful that the grass has turned that deep rich spring green- you know that color of hope, of promise? I am grateful that I have a job that allows me to provide my family with health insurance- (I know many cannot say they share that privilege with me.) I am grateful that my family is relatively happy, healthy and genuinely cares for one another. I am grateful that God has given me talents, talents in which I believe are the seed to possibility- it seems to be in the simple act of being grateful for those talents that I realize there is and can be more. I am grateful for my little town, for sidewalks, for community, for friendships. I am grateful for the simple things, being able to read a book, take a hot shower, and cook a meal for my family that will be appreciated (most of the time). I am really grateful (in a giddy voice) for the lovely woman who shared a 20% off coupon last night when I was buying my son a tux. See? the little things really do matter. I am grateful for the spring flowers in my garden that have been kissed by the rain, they look adorned with jewels.... for me this is a symbol of hope, of new beginnings, of the earth waking.

So- with all of my ramblings, I realize that while I have goals, wants and even needs.... for me, today it is about this moment. It is about the fact that I have much to be grateful for. It is in this gratitude that I find a wealth of energy to make the next moment a step toward my personal and professional goals. As I sit here and type this, I find myself enchanted with this feeling, and confident of the outcome.

So that said... find your gratitude.... treasure this moment, be here now.